Cubotix’s LEGO Self-Driving Car Featured in

Rover is a true crowd pleaser and he didn’t fail to deliver at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo. The press loves him just as much as he’s featured in

Missed the event? Don’t fret! You can watch this talk by Cubotix founder Martin Wojtczyk as it was given live at Maker Faire (ok you missed the awesome flying drones but you can catch that next year).

Rover the LEGO Self-Driving Car Exhibition at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 a Big Hit

Martin talks tech on the Maker Stage to a full house.
Martin talks tech on the Maker Stage to a full house.

We’ve heard about Maker Faire before but experiencing it for oneself is a whole different story. It’s a joyous communal celebration of human creativity and ingenuity that can dive deep into robotics and technology but also extend far to theatrical arts.

Devy's SAMSUNG SGH-i937_005379

In our Robotics corner included fellow exhibitors NASA, Sphero, Ponga, UK-based Extreme Fliers, and Open ROV. As Google invested heavily in robotics recently, it’s no wonder we brushed shoulders with one of the company’s founding partner, Larry Page.

Yes he was awesome.

With over 130,000 attendees coming from over 42 countries and 49 states,  Rover sure had a blast at his first time appearance making many new friends and meeting old ones at the 9th annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2014.

Devy and founding partner of, Barbara Tien, talks tech at the Cubotix booth with interested parties.
Devy and founding partner of Ponga, Barbara Tien, gathers actionable insights at the Cubotix booth.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event don’t fret. For a limited time we’re offering the instructions and LEGO Digital Designer files to build your very own Rover in exchange for your honest feedback on what you’d like to see in a personal robot on this short single page survey (Update: survey is now closed).  We’d love to hear from you.  Be a part of the growing community that’s excited about building Rover’s next generation!

Rover at Maker Faire

Rover at Maker Faire
Rover at Maker Faire

Maker Faire – “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth” is coming up this weekend on May 17 & 18 in San Mateo, California. This is the original and the biggest Maker Faire of them all and we are very excited to be part of it. Devy and I received an invitation to showcase Rover – our little award-winning, autonomous LEGO robot over the weekend. Come and say hi to Rover in the Expo hall (south).